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Table 5 Summary of Westra et al.[32] blood eQTL overlap with eQTL from Webster et al .[29] which were found to have an interaction with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD) status as well as those independent of disease status

From: Overlap of expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL) in human brain and blood

Effect of diagnosis Number of overlapping eQTL Percentage of genes in blood with overlapping eQTL in Webster et al. Percentage of genes in Webster et al. with overlapping eQTL in blood Mean number of overlapping SNPs per gene Mean R 2(blood)1 Mean R 2(Webster et al.)1 Mean distance (kb) of overlapping eSNP from TSS1
AD interaction 67 (1) 1.3 (0) 9 (0.1) 1.4 0.12 0.20 Cases 78.4
0.09 Controls
No interaction 111 (14) 2.2 (1) 15 (1.8) 4.0 0.12 0.15 Cases 52.9
0.13 Controls
  1. 1Only for identical SNP:Gene associations.
  2. Numbers shown in brackets indicate contribution of proxy SNPs to total value. R2 is the proportion of transcript level variance explained by the overlapping SNP.