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Table 4 Comparison of pregnancy and implantation outcomes between time-lapse (Group A) and conventional incubator (Group B), as well as the mixed embryo transfer

From: Selection of competent blastocysts for transfer by combining time-lapse monitoring and array CGH testing for patients undergoing preimplantation genetic screening: a prospective study with sibling oocytes

Parameters Group A Group B Mixed pvalue
Patient with SET 19 15 n/a  
Patient with DET 26 22 45  
Clinical pregnancies after SET 10 5 n/a  
Clinical pregnancies after DET 21 11 24  
Clinical pregnancy rate 71.1% 45.9% 53.3% 0.037a
Implantation rate 66.2% 42.4% 47.8% 0.011a
Ongoing pregnancy rate 68.9% 40.5% 48.9% 0.019a
Pregnancy loss rate 3.1% 11.8% 8.3% 0.273b
  1. SET = single embryo transfer; DET = double embryo transfer; Mixed = mixed embryo transfer (one from the time-lapse system and one from the conventional incubator); aGroup A vs. Group B, by Chi-square analysis; bGroup A vs. Group B, by Fisher’s exact test.