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Table 7 List of patients with pregnancy loss in time-lapse system (TL), conventional incubator (CI) and mixed transfer (MIX) groups

From: Selection of competent blastocysts for transfer by combining time-lapse monitoring and array CGH testing for patients undergoing preimplantation genetic screening: a prospective study with sibling oocytes

Patient’s ID Age (years) Clinical indication Culture group Pregnancy loss Cytogenetic analysis Array CGH result
1 39 URPL CI Singleton Unknown Euploid
2 38 RIF CI Singleton 46XY Euploid
3 39 URPL TL Singleton 46XX Euploid
4 38 URPL MIX Singleton 46XY Euploid
5 37 PAC MIX Twin 47XX + 16, 45X0/46XX Euploid
  1. URPL = unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss; RIF = repeated implantation failure; PAC = previous aneuploid conception; CI = conventional incubator; TL = time-lapse system; MIX = mixed embryo transfer (one embryo from the time-lapse system and another one from the conventional incubator).