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Table 1 Summary of transcripts on customized gene array

From: Identification of gene-based responses in human blood cells exposed to alpha particle radiation

Alpha (All dose) Alpha (Med/High doses) X-ray Controls
Gene ID RefSeq # Gene ID RefSeq # Gene ID RefSeq # Gene ID RefSeq #
Acta2 Nm_001613 Ankra2 Nm_023039 Anxa4 Nm_001153 Gng7 Nm_000546
Aen Nm_022767 Arhgef3 Nm_019555 Ei24 Nm_004879 Gapdh Nm_004048
Apobec3h Nm_181773 Bbc3 Nm_014417 Il21r Nm_021798 Gusb Nm_002046
Ascc3 Nm_022091 Btg3 Nm_006806 Ly9 Nm_002348 B2m Nm_000181
Astn2 Nm_198187 Ccdc90b Nm_021825 Mettl7a Nm_014033 Hgdc Sa_00105
Bax Nm_004324 Cd70 Nm_001252 Myc Nm_002467 Rtc Sa_00103
Ccng1 Nm_004060 Cdkn1a Nm_000389 Plk2 Nm_006622 Ppc Sa_00104
Cmbl Nm_138809 Dcp1b Nm_152640 Plk3 Nm_004073   
Ddb2 Nm_000107 Dram1 Nm_018370 Ptp4a1 Nm_003463   
Fas Nm_000043 E2f7 Nm_203394 Rasgrp2 Nm_001098670   
Fbxo22 Nm_012170 Eda2r Nm_021783 Slc4a11 Nm_032034   
Gadd45a Nm_001924 Fam127b Nm_001078172 Tcf3 Nm_003200   
GlS2 Nm_013267 Fam20b Nm_014864 Urod Nm_000374   
Ier5 Nm_016545 Fdxr Nm_004110 Vwce Nm_152718   
Mamdc4 Nm_206920 Fhl2 Nm_001450 Tp53 Nm_052847   
Map4k4 Nm_004834 Gdf15 Nm_004864 Lig1 Nm_000234   
Pcna Nm_182649 Gss Nm_000178     
Phlda3 Nm_012396 Hist1h4b Nm_003544     
Phpt1 Nm_014172 Igfbp4 Nm_001552     
Ppm1d Nm_003620 Iscu Nm_014301     
Rps27l Nm_015920 Isg20 Nm_002201     
Sesn1 Nm_014454 Lamc3 Nm_006059     
Tmem30a Nm_018247 Mdm2 Nm_002392     
Tnfrsf10b Nm_003842 Nudt15 Nm_018283     
Tnfrsf10d Nm_003840 Pcnxl2 Nm_014801     
Tnfsf4 Nm_003326 Polh Nm_006502     
Tp53inp1 Nm_033285 Prkab1 Nm_006253     
Triap1 Nm_016399 Pvt1 Nr_003367     
Xpc Nm_004628 Retsat Nm_017750     
   SAC3D1 NM_013299     
   SLC7A6 NM_003983     
   TMPRSS7 NM_001042575     
   TNFSF8 NM_001244     
   TOB1 NM_005749     
   TP53AP1 NR_015381     
   TRIM22 NM_006074     
   TRIM32 NM_012210     
   ZNF337 NM_015655     
   ZNF79 NM_007135     
  1. The array includes genes differentially expressed at all doses (0.5 - 1.5 Gy) and those only at the medium (1.0 Gy) and high (1.5 Gy) dose derived from microarray analysis of PBMCs exposed to α-particle radiation. X-ray column represents genes that were not differentially expressed in this study but shown to be X-ray responsive, primarily from the work of Paul and Amunduson. GNG7 is a negative control. GAPDH, GUSB, B2M are housekeeping genes. Human Genomic DNA Control (HGDC), Reverse Transcription Control (RTC) and Positive Primer Control (PPC) are internal controls specific to the SABiosystems experimental system.