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Table 1 Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with high blood pressure located in regions containing copy number variation (Build hg19, based on the Database for Genomic Variants and UCSC Genome Browser, search performed on 28 May 2014)

From: Measurement of absolute copy number variation reveals association with essential hypertension

SNP ID CNV ID Genomic landmark Assay ID
rs2932538 esv27061 chr1:112,692,629-113,246,263 Hs01327571
  esv2757747* chr1:113,157,135-116,741,372 Hs01327571
rs7129220 nsv483076 chr11:10,193,294-10,352,897 Hs04399968
rs17608766 dgv976e1 chr17:44,083,914-45,277,333 Hs00313538
  esv2656635 chr17:44,281,452-45,168,501 Hs00313538
  nsv908562 chr17:44,828,931-45,102,413 Hs00313538
  dgv986e1 chr17:44,971,360-45,277,333 Hs00313538
rs1327235 dgv1306e1 chr20:10,892,138-11,116,725 Hs03126928
  1. Footnote: SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; ID, identification; CNV, copy number variation.
  2. *essv21692 is described in the UCSC Genome Browser, however, it is a supporting structural variant as a single individual. Therefore, according to NCBI, essv21962 is a part of the CNV esv2757747.