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Table 5 Functional annotation clustering of down-regulated genes

From: MicroRNA and mRNA expression profiling in rat acute respiratory distress syndrome

Annotation cluster 1 Enrichment score: 1.38   
Category Term Count % P value
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Disulfide bond 8 38 0.014
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Glycoprotein 9 43 0.034
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Signal peptide 8 38 0.035
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Signal 8 38 0.037
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Glycosylationsite: N-linked (GlcNAc…) 8 38 0.072
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Disulfide bond 6 29 0.117
  1. The functional annotation of mRNA expression profile was conducted by DAVID software ( [30, 31]. Annotation Cluster: A group of terms having similar biological functions. Enrichment Score: The geometric mean (in -log scale) of member's p-values in a corresponding annotation cluster represents the rank of their biological significance. An enrichment score of >1.3 is used for a cluster to be statistically significant. The higher an enrichment score, the more enriched genes in that group. P-Value: The p-values associated with each annotation terms are the Fisher Exact Score shown in the regular chart report for the same terms. Count: Genes involved in the terms. %: Percentage of involved genes over total down-regulated genes correlated to altered miRNAs.