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Table 6 GO enrichments of the down-regulated genes in ARDS using STRING analysis

From: MicroRNA and mRNA expression profiling in rat acute respiratory distress syndrome

Go enrichment GO_id Term Number of genes p-value Involved genes
Biological process GO:0046501 Protoporphyrinogen IX metabolic process 2 1.15E-04 Eif2ak1, Alad
GO:0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 2 4.84E-03 Ramp2, Flbn5
GO:0043062 Extracellular structure organization 2 4.84E-03 Ramp2, Flbn5
GO:0044242 Cellular lipid catabolic process 2 5.73E-03 Acaa2, Ces3
GO:0046777 Protein autophosphorylation 2 8.67E-03 Eif2ak1, Fgfr4
GO:0030162 Regulation of proteolysis 2 1.25E-02 Serpinh1, Fgfr4
GO:0055114 Oxidation-reduction process 3 1.33E-02 Acaa2, Cyb5, Mdh1
GO:0070613 Regulation of protein processing 2 1.70E-02 Serpinh1, Fgfr4
GO:0045471 Response to ethanol 2 1.90E-02 Gnrh1, Lct
GO:0016042 Lipid catabolic process 2 1.90E-02 Acaa2, Ces3
GO:0080134 Regulation of response to stress 3 2.22E-02 Eif2ak1, Fbln5, Tspan8
GO:0051186 Cofactor metabolic process 2 2.69E-02 Eif2ak1, Acaa2
GO:0080135 Regulation of cellular response to stress 2 3.49E-02 Eif2ak1, Fbln5
GO:0071363 Cellular response to growth factor stimulus 2 3.94E-02 Ramp2, Fgfr4
GO:0048583 Regulation of response to stimulus 5 4.70E-02 Ramp2, Flbn5, Eif2ak1, Fgfr4, Tspan8
GO:0070848 Response to growth factor 2 4.81E-02 Ramp2, Fgfr4
Molecular function GO:0016836 Hydro-lyase activity 2 0.000481 Aco2, Alad
GO:0016835 Carbon-oxygen lyase activity 2 0.00106 Aco2, Alad
GO:0016829 Lyase activity 2 0.0102 Aco2, Alad
GO:0020037 Heme binding 2 0.0153 Eif2ak1, Cyb5
GO:0046906 Tetrapyrrole binding 2 0.0164 Eif2ak1, Cyb5
GO:0044822 Poly(A) RNA binding 4 0.0255 Serpinh1, S100a4, Acaa2, Slc25a11
GO:0003723 RNA binding 4 0.0313 Serpinh1, S100a4, Acaa2, Slc25a11
Cellular component GO:0005788 Endoplasmic reticulum lumen 2 2.38E-03 Ces3, serpineh 1
GO:0044432 Endoplasmic reticulum part 3 3.15E-02 Ces3, serpineh 1, Cyb5
GO:0005739 Mitochondrion 4 3.94E-02 Aco2, Mdh1, Slc25a11, Acaa2
  1. GO_id with a p value of <0.05 was selected.