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Figure 1

From: Biological network inferences for a protection mechanism against familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with E200K pathogenic mutation

Figure 1

Interaction network among 24 seed nodes (marked as black circle) and their 80 interacted nodes (marked as grey circle) using three Cytoscape plug-ins. Six seed nodes (KLKB1, KARS, NRXN2, LAMA3, PRNP, and APOE) clustered according to the KEGG pathway criteria were annotated by red squares and indicated by red arrows. The six interaction nodes with seed node were annotated by black squares and indicated by black arrows. The apoptosis cluster (path: hsa04210) was expanded using GO data [apoptosis (GO: 0006915), anti-apoptosis (GO: 0006916), induction of apoptosis (GO: 0006917), induction of apoptosis by intracellular signals (GO: 0008629), regulation of apoptosis (GO: 0042981), and positive regulation of apoptosis (GO: 0043065)].

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