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Figure 3

From: Surveillance for the prevention of chronic diseases through information association

Figure 3

CISS’s infrastructure (processes and storage). a) module for Collection Creation/Update; b) search interface; c) interactions with PubMed; d) Ontology concepts on the genetic and epigenetic risk factors domain; e) a collection of papers is retrieved from the public repository; f-g) textual processing of scientific papers; h) local database with a collection of pre-processed scientific papers to support retrieval tasks; i) user interface to submission of clinical records; g-j) textual processing of the clinical record; k) similarity processing among clinical records and scientific papers; l) similarity module accesses the pre-processed scientific paper collection and papers with the highest degrees of similarity to the clinical records are retrieved; m) the selected papers are shown to the health professional in a graphical user interface; n) the user interface has also an option to show a list of risk factors associated with the submitted clinical record; o) linguistic resources, like UMLS, that support overall textual processing; p) concept recognition module.

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