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Figure 1

From: Integrative genomic analysis identifies epigenetic marks that mediate genetic risk for epithelial ovarian cancer

Figure 1

Identification of epigenetically mediated genetic risk factors for EOC. (A) Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) depicting the possible relationships between a causal factor (G), a potential mediator (M), and an outcome (Y). Top, DAG for the methylation-mediated relationship, wherein G acts on Y through M. Middle, DAG for the methylation-consequential (reverse causality) relationship, in which changes in M arise as a consequence of Y. Bottom, DAG for the methylation-independent relationship, wherein G acts on M and Y independently. (B) The four components of the CIT. (C) Flow diagram illustrating the various filtering steps, and ensuing results, used to identify methylation sites that are candidates for mediators of genetic risk for EOC.

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