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Table 4 Query results for Table 3.

From: Effectively processing medical term queries on the UMLS Metathesaurus by layered dynamic programming

CUI UMLS Metathesaurus
Browser (concept ranked 1st by approximate match)
MetaMap LDPMap
C3267394 C0030054 Oxygen C0016767 Fruit, C2346927 Mg++, and 4 others correct
C3228202 C1514468 product C1704444 Product (Multiplicative Product)
[Quantitative Concept] C1514468 product [Entity]
Injectable Product
C0505183 C0007965 Chediak-Higashi Syndrome C1706131 Branch(Branch(group)), C2700383 Branch(Branch of plant), and 6 others correct
C1459293 No result No result correct
C1541607 C1512807 Integrated Learning System C0020898 IL (Illinois (geographic location)),
C1522481 MART-1 (MART-1 Tumor Antigen), and 2 others
C1352046 C0029383 Osmium C1129294 danthron 25 MG,
C0439526 /mL [Quantitative Concept], and 3 others
C0040372 C0265215 Meckel-Gruber syndrome C0053169 benzenesulfonamide,
C0441922 N+ (N+ (tumor staging)), and two others
C2714409 C0030011 Oxidation C0470206 +1 [Q uantitative Concept]
C1417683 BETA2 (NEUROD1 gene), and 7 others