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Table 1 Computation time of IGENT, BOOST, MDR, RF, and SVM.

From: IGENT: efficient entropy based algorithm for genome-wide gene-gene interaction analysis

50 <1s <1s 1s 11s 13s
100 <1s <1s 4s 46s 53s
500 <1s <1s 1m 8s 20m 23m
1K 3s 1s 4m 25s 1h 15m 1h 29m
2K 8s 6s 19m 52s 5h 5h 50m
5K 38s 30s 2h 4m 1d 6h 1d 12h
10K 2m 34s 2m 7s *8h 16m *5d 5h *6d 3h
100K 4h 23m 3h 32m *35d *520d *614d
350K 2d 4h 1d 19h *422d *6366d *7524d
500K 4d 10h 3d 15h *861d *12992d *15353d
  1. Computation time is measured in simulation 1 dataset which have 2000 individuals. All methods used an exhaustive search strategy for 2nd order interaction analysis.
  2. * This computing time is estimated from the computing time in simulation data with 5000 SNPs.
  3. All analysis are carried out on single core of a 3.16 GHz CPU with 4G memory on LINUX.