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Table 1 Average number of protein sequences misclassified (out of 14,086 testing sequences from COG [6] database) by the different protein classification methods.

From: Graph pyramids for protein function prediction

max bit-score 362.3 max EB-score 263.2
sum bit-score 587.5 sum EB-score 238.1
mean bit-score 970.0 mean EB-score 308.4
T R without GP 1404 T R with GP hierarchy 150.7
KNN classifier 309.7
Highest scoring BLAST match [2] 362.9
Boujenfa et al. (using ClustalW) [27] 35.2
Proposed majority voting of GSF (No Hie) 28.2
Proposed GP based hierarchical voting (GP Hie) 21.1