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Table 4 R2 for 3 models in Dataset 3.

From: PDEGEM: Modeling non-uniform read distribution in RNA-Seq data

Sample Poisson-Linear MART PDEGEM
SRX0005711 0.15 0.50 0.61
SRX0006041 0.12 0.48 0.59
SRX0006052 0.15 0.53 0.60
SRX0006062 0.13 0.52 0.59
  1. Goodness-of-fit measured by R2 for Poisson-Linear model, MART and PDEGEM in four RNA-Seq samples in Data Set 3. The four samples came from human kidney and liver. For each row, the number in bold indicates the highest R2 among different methods for the dataset
  2. 1Illumina sequencing of Human liver transcripts.
  3. 2Illumina sequencing of Human kidney transcripts.