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Table 4 Correlations of twenty-six Drugs with hypertension

From: Inferring drug-disease associations based on known protein complexes

ID Drug ID Drug Name Correlation (CTD, N, or Unknown) ID Drug ID Drug Name Correlation (CTD, N, or Unknown)
1 DB00315 Zolmitriptan[60] N 14 DB01622 Thioproperazine Unknown
2 DB00476 Duloxetine[61] N 15 DB06701 Dexmethylphenidate Unknown
3 DB04896 Milnacipran[56] N 16 DB08810 Cinitapride Unknown
4 DB06204 Tapentadol[62] N 17 DB01363 Ephedra [55] N
5 DB06684 Vilazodone[63] N 18 DB00472 Fluoxetine CTD
6 DB06700 Desvenlafaxine [57] N 19 DB00176 Fluvoxamine CTD
7 DB08918 Levomilnacipran [64] N 20 DB00543 Amoxapine CTD
8 DB00805 Minaprine Unknown 21 DB01104 Sertraline CTD
9 DB00952 Naratriptan Unknown 22 DB06148 Mianserin CTD
10 DB00998 Frovatriptan Unknown 23 DB01577 Methamphetamine CTD
11 DB01614 Acepromazine Unknown 24 DB01151 Desipramine CTD
12 DB01616 Alverine Unknown 25 DB00852 Pseudoephedrine CTD
13 DB01621 Pipotiazine Unknown 26 DB00514 Dextromethorphan CTD
  1. Drug ID represents the unique DrugBank accession number of a drug. Drug Name represents the corresponding name of a Drug ID. There are three types of correlation: (a) CTD represents the drug-hypertension correlation that can be found in the CTD database; (b) N represents the drug-hypertension correlation that may be negative, supported by literature; (c) Unknown means that there is no evidence suggesting the drug-hypertension relation as yet.