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Table 3 Enriched GO terms and KEGG pathways for over expressed genes in tumors

From: Relating hepatocellular carcinoma tumor samples and cell lines using gene expression data in translational research

  Term P Value Benjamini (<0.1)
Cellular Component GO:0005576~extracellular region 8.85E-11 2.22E-08
  GO:0005615~extracellular space 2.87E-08 3.60E-06
  GO:0044421~extracellular region part 5.49E-08 4.59E-06
  GO:0031226~intrinsic to plasma membrane 3.24E-05 2.03E-03
  GO:0005887~integral to plasma membrane 4.03E-05 2.02E-03
  GO:0005886~plasma membrane 5.35E-04 2.21E-02
  GO:0005626~insoluble fraction 6.52E-04 2.31E-02
  GO:0005624~membrane fraction 7.56E-04 2.35E-02
  GO:0044459~plasma membrane part 1.44E-03 3.94E-02
  GO:0000267~cell fraction 1.62E-03 3.98E-02
  GO:0005792~microsome 2.90E-03 6.42E-02
  GO:0042598~vesicular fraction 3.65E-03 7.36E-02
Biological Process GO:0006955~immune response 4.00E-11 6.31E-08
  GO:0009611~response to wounding 9.12E-10 7.19E-07
  GO:0006952~defense response 3.32E-09 1.75E-06
  GO:0002253~activation of immune response 2.74E-07 1.08E-04
  GO:0006954~inflammatory response 4.09E-07 1.29E-04
  GO:0050778~positive regulation of immune response 9.19E-07 2.42E-04
  GO:0006956~complement activation 1.26E-06 2.83E-04
  GO:0002541~activation of plasma proteins involved in acute inflammatory response 1.52E-06 2.99E-04
  GO:0006959~humoral immune response 2.98E-06 5.22E-04
  GO:0006958~complement activation, classical pathway 1.70E-05 2.68E-03
  GO:0002684~positive regulation of immune system process 1.77E-05 2.54E-03
  GO:0002526~acute inflammatory response 2.09E-05 2.75E-03
  GO:0002455~humoral immune response mediated by circulating immunoglobulin 2.55E-05 3.09E-03
  GO:0048584~positive regulation of response to stimulus 6.24E-05 7.00E-03
  GO:0045087~innate immune response 8.20E-05 8.58E-03
KEGG pathway hsa04610:Complement and coagulation cascades 1.40E-07 1.66E-05
  hsa00982:Drug metabolism 1.78E-03 9.99E-02
  hsa02010:ABC transporters 2.12E-03 8.02E-02