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Table 1 Six studies pertaining to CD34+ cells in t-AML and normal controls.

From: Identification of epigenetic modifications that contribute to pathogenesis in therapy-related AML: Effective integration of genome-wide histone modification with transcriptional profiles

  GSE24006 GSE30377 GSE17054 E-TABM-978 Qian GSE23025 sum
Journal leukemia Nat. Med PNAS Cancer Cell PNAS Cancer Cell  
year 2011 2011 2009 2011 2002 2011  
Platform Hgu133+2 Hgu133a Hgu133+2 HsHT-12 Hgu95av2 Hgu133+2  
PMID 21177505 21873988 19218430 21251617 12417757 22094254  
t-MDS/tAML CD34+ progenitor (BM), -5/del5q      4 1 28
t-MDS/tAML CD34+ progenitor (BM), -7/del7q      3 3  
t-MDS/tAML CD34+ progenitor (BM), -5/del5q or -7/del7q      2   
t-MDS/tAML CD34+ progenitor (BM), normal 5 and normal 7      7 8  
normal progenitor (CD34+, BM)      2*   24
normal HSC+ (CD34+CD133+, BM)        
normal HSC+ (Lin-CD34+CD38-, PB)   3      
normal HSC+ (Lin-CD34+CD38loCD36-, PB)   3      
normal HSC+ (Lin-CD34+CD38-CD90+, PB or BM)    4     
normal HSC+ (Lin-CD34+CD38-CD90+CD45RA-, PB) 3       
normal HSC+ (Lin-D34+CD38-CD90+CD45RA-, BM) 4    5    
  1. * Among 3 author collected samples, the one from a patient with breast cancer was excluded and the other two were included.
  2. PBSC: peripheral blood stem cells; BM: bone marrow samples