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Table 2 Three functional and transcriptional biomodules.

From: Identification of epigenetic modifications that contribute to pathogenesis in therapy-related AML: Effective integration of genome-wide histone modification with transcriptional profiles

MsigDB definition Fisher's exact test
Gene-set Category Description Pubmed Size P OR #
YOSHIMURA_MAPK8_TARGETS_UP CGP Genes up-regulated in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) by MAPK8 (JNK1) 16311603 1305 1.6e-5 5.0 13
TATAAA_V$TATA_01 Motif Genes with promoter regions [-2kb,2kb] around transcription start site containing the motif TATAAA which matches annotation for TAF TATA NA 1296 4.6e-4 3.7 12
NUYTTEN_EZH2_TARGETS_UP CGP Genes up-regulated in PC3 cells (prostate cancer) after knockdown of EZH2 by RNAi. 17724462 1037 1.1e-3 4.0 9
  1. CGP: Gene-sets represent expression signatures of genetic and chemical perturbation; OR: odds ratio; #: count.