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Figure 2

From: Multiple target drug cocktail design for attacking the core network markers of four cancers using ligand-based and structure-based virtual screening methods

Figure 2

Pathway analysis by Panther. We see the 28 proteins of core network marker can hit many important cancer related pathways, such as p53, Wnt signalling, p53 feedback loops 2, apoptosis, etc. As we have described above, this study is only a prototype model. By the Panther analysis, we could know to inhibit the right proteins which hit the key pathways and is one of the important strategies in the real clinical situation. This result offers another reference for doctors to design the best combination of multiple inhibitors. We will do more deep analysis in the future if more clinical doctors could offer the clinical data to us. The preliminary results also could help us exclude the cancer-unrelated pathways at the first stage, such as Hungtingon disease, alzeheimer, etc.

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