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Table 2 Description of the gene expression classifier a

From: Derivation of a bronchial genomic classifier for lung cancer in a prospective study of patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy

Feature b , (x i ) Coefficient, (b i ) Genes within features
Age 0.0623     
GG 0.5450 RPS4Y1    
GS 0.1661 SLC7A11 CLND10 TKT  
GPY 3.0205 RUNX1T1 AKR1C2   
CA (1) −0.4406 BST1 CD177.1 CD177.2  
CA (2) −0.3402 ATP12A TSPAN2   
CA (4) 0.1725 GABBR1 MCAM NOVA1 SDC2
CA (7) 0.5670 CDR1 CGREF1 CLND22 NKX3-1
CA (9) −0.3160 EPHX3 LYPD2   
CA (10) −0.3791 MIA RNF150   
Intercept (b0) 3.3173     
  1. a)Genomic gender was defined as GG = 1 (female) if RPS4Y1 < 7.5, 0 (male) otherwise. The predicted genomic smoking (GS) value was derived, where x = 40.8579-0.4462*SLC7A11-2.1298*CLND10-1.8256*TKT, and genomic smoking GS = ex/(1+ ex). The predicted genomic pack years (GPY) value was derived, where x = −5.1429 + 2.1891*RUNX1T1 -0.9506*AKR1C2, and genomic pack years GPY = exp(x)/(1 + exp(x)). The generalized equation for the prediction classifier was: Score = ey/(1+ ey), where, y = b 0  + Ʃ(b i *x i ), where b 0 is the intercept, b i is the coefficient, and x i is the feature (as shown).
  2. b)Features include patient age (as reported), GG, GS, GPY as described in the methods, and CA (i), the lung cancer gene clusters (shown in Figure 1).