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Table 4 The top SNPs associated with the trans -effected transcripts identified by SKAT

From: The cis and trans effects of the risk variants of coronary artery disease in the Chr9p21 region

Gene Transcript Top SNP Coded allele Non coded allele MAF Beta SE P value
DUT ENST00000331200 rs16923583 T A 0.9944 1.07 0.187 2.14e-08
EIF1AY ENST00000361365 rs41386451 A C 0.9952 1.77 0.377 3.66e-06
CASP14 ENST00000427043 rs16923583 T A 0.9944 1.25 0.236 1.95e-07
ABCA1 ENST00000374736 rs16905597 G A 0.9951 -0.58 0.108 1.65e-07
DHRS9 ENST00000412271 rs4977756 A G 0.5635 0.35 0.089 9.84e-05