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Table 2 Biological process enrichment analysis using PANTHER

From: Radiation dose-rate effects on gene expression for human biodosimetry

PANTHER GO-Slim Biological Process LDR 4 Gy LDR 4 Gy Acute 4 Gy Acute 4 Gy
  genes p-value genes p-value
Cellular process 110 2.65E-04 199 5.98E-13
Cell communication 68 1.11E-03 112 1.45E-06
Immune system process 43 2.24E-03 78 9.19E-09
Pyrimidine nucleobase metabolic process 6 2.73E-02   NSa
B cell mediated immunity 11 4.10E-02 21 6.01E-06
Response to stimulus 38 4.66E-02 72 3.77E-07
Immune response   NSa 41 3.08E-08
Natural killer cell activation   NSa 13 6.69E-05
Developmental process   NSa 93 6.11E-04
Cell-cell signaling   NSa 35 1.31E-02
  1. aNS not significant