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Fig. 2

From: Molecular subtypes of urothelial carcinoma are defined by specific gene regulatory systems

Fig. 2

Genes upregulated in the SCC-like subtype. a A 23 gene QTC cluster containing multiple genes involved in keratinization including KRT5, KRT6A-C and KRT14. EGFR expression is increased in the SCCL subtype. b Enrichment of STAT3 binding in SCCL-up genes (red, query signature; blue, 105 randomly sampled gene lists of equal size to the query signature). c Colocalization of FOS, MYC and CEBPB with STAT3 binding sites in the promoters of SCCL-up genes, using ENCODE ChIP-Seq data, window centered on STAT3. d STAT3, FOS, MYC and CEBPB binding sites in the promoters of the KRT5 and KRT6 genes. e Heat map indicating the EGFR and pSTAT3 IHC staining scores, respectively. f IHC sections stained for EGFR (top) and pSTAT3 (bottom) showing characteristic staining patterns of the bladder cancer subtypes. g Expression pattern of the bladder derived keratinization QTC cluster genes and EGFR in the TCGA breast cancer dataset

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