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Fig. 3

From: Massive interstitial copy-neutral loss-of-heterozygosity as evidence for cancer being a disease of the DNA-damage response

Fig. 3

Preferences for reference alleles and transitional changes displayed by LOH mutations. The frequencies for the reference (i.e. major) allele versus the minor allele amongst the LOH products are shown by twin columns for transitional LOHs (red) and transversional LOHs (blue). The dark red and blue columns represent Mm-to-MM conversions (e.g. Ag-to-AA. indicated as Ag-AA), and the light red and blue columns represent Mm-to-mm conversions (e.g. Ag-to-gg indicated as Ag-gg). a Total preference profile of the thirty cancers in Table 1 analyzed by AluScan (obtained from the preference profiles of individual cancers given in Additional file 12: Figure S2). b Preference profile of the lung-to-liver metastatic cancer analyzed by WGS [8]. c Preference profile of the primary liver cancer analyzed by WGS [9]

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