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Table 3 Library preparation: purification methods

From: Biomarker discovery: quantification of microRNAs and other small non-coding RNAs using next generation sequencing

Method Specificity Throughput Cost ($) Study size
Novex TBE PAGE gel High Low $$$$$ Small
(manually cutting band; very specific) (few libraries/day)   (2–10 samples)
Pippin Prep Automated gel system Medium Low $$$ Medium
(automated band; less specific) (4 libraries/run [2 hrs])   (10–50 samples)
AMPure XP beads Low High $ Large
(all products >100 nt) (24 libraries/2 hrs)   (50 and up)
  1. Recommendations for small RNA sequencing library purification. Recommendations include: (1) Specificity: based on specificity to a particular small RNA population. (2) Throughput: based on the number of libraries that can be prepared per day and efficiency of processing. This number is relative to the number of people working and instruments available in the lab. (3) Cost: based on price of reagents, hands-on laboratory time, service fees by genome centers. (4) Study Size: based on number of biological or technical replicates