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Fig. 1

From: Integrated sequence and expression analysis of ovarian cancer structural variants underscores the importance of gene fusion regulation

Fig. 1

a The number (percentage) of germline and somatically derived ovarian cancer SVs in six ovarian cancer patient samples. Circles represent the total number of SVs detected in somatic control (whole blood; blue circle) and cancer (red circle) tissue samples collected from six ovarian cancer patients. SVs identified in both the control and cancer samples were classified as germline derived, while SVs detected in only the cancer samples were classified as somatically derived. b Distribution of SVs across structural categories. Somatically derived (red) and germline derived (green) SVs were further categorized according to the underlying genomic rearrangement. Deletions were the most abundant category accounting for the majority (~71 %; see percentages on top of bars) of the germline derived SVs. Corresponding data are shown in the Table (top right corner). InvDupli: inverted-duplications, TandemDupli: tandem-duplication

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