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Table 3 GO analysis of genes with attenuated expression in PR8-infected p53KO mice

From: Transcriptional analysis of immune-related gene expression in p53-deficient mice with increased susceptibility to influenza A virus infection

GO ID Category 3 dpi 6 dpi
Number of genes Representative genes Number of genes Representative genes
GO:0002684 Positive regulation of immune system process 5 Ifng, Il2, Lag3, Stat6, Trat1 18 Blm, Lag3, Nfkbia, Il6, Fcer1g, Il15, Ifng, etc.
GO:0002682 Regulation of immune system process 8 Il2, Lag3, Orm1, Ifng, Trat1, Hmgb1, Jag1, Stat6 24 Blm, Orm1, Tnf, Nfkbia, Ifng, Tnfsf11, etc.
GO:0050900 Leukocyte migration 2 Ifng, Il16 6 Tnf, Ifng, Fcer1g, Il1b, Selp, Tlr2
GO:0045321 Leukocyte activation 7 Fyn, Ifng, Il2, Lag3, Stat6, Exo1, Mink1 20 Lag3, Blm, Fcgr2b, Was, Nfkbid, etc.
GO:0019882 Antigen processing and presentation 2 Ctse, Ifng 5 Ifng, Fcgr2b, Fcer1g, Slc11a1, Ctse
GO:0001776 Leukocyte homeostasis 2 Ifng, Il2 6 Ifng, Fcer1g, Gpam, Ikbkb, Il6, Pik3cd
GO:0002252 Immune effecter process 6 Ifng, Il2, Lag3, Stat6, Exo1, Irf7 17 Irf7, Tnf, Lag3, Fcgr2b, Fcer1g, Msh2, etc.
GO:0002253 Activation of immune response 1 Trat1 8 Nfkbia, Fcer1g, C1qb, Lat2, Plcg2, etc.
GO:0002200 Somatic diversification of immune receptors 4 Ifng, Il2, Stat6, Exo1 5 Ifng, Msh2, Cd40, Pms2, Exo1
GO:0002520 Immune system development 10 Hmgb1, Ifng, Il2, Jag1, Exo1, Tlx1, Six4 23 Blm, Timp1, Tnf, Tnfsf11, Cxcl13, Msh2, etc.
GO:0006955 Immune response 13 Ctla4, Cxcl1, Ifng, Mx2, Irf7, Polr3c, etc. 47 Irf7, Cxcl9, Cxcl10, Ccl2, Ccl7, etc.