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Fig. 1

From: TumorTracer: a method to identify the tissue of origin from the somatic mutations of a tumor specimen

Fig. 1

Classifier outline. Somatic point mutation data is used to determine the mutation status of a set of cancer genes and to calculate the distributions of 96 classes of base substitutions. When copy number profiles are available, they are used to infer any SCNAs in the same set of cancer genes. These features are combined and provided to a set of random forest classifiers, one per primary site, each of which generates a classification score. The PM classifier does not use copy number profiles and is trained to distinguish between all 10 primary sites. The PM + CN classifier does use copy number profiles (orange), but can only distinguish between 6 primary sites (white) due to less training data. Thus, blue boxes are components of the the PM classifier only, and orange boxes are components of the PM + CN classifier only, and white boxes are components of both classifiers. These sites were selected based on the availability of sufficient training data (>200 cases)

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