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Fig. 3

From: TumorTracer: a method to identify the tissue of origin from the somatic mutations of a tumor specimen

Fig. 3

Performance of final PM classifier on the test data. a Confusion matrix of actual vs. predicted primary sites, with sensitivity, specificity, and marginal frequencies. b Performance of the final classifier in prioritizing primary sites. Each point indicates the cumulative accuracy when, for each sample, the top n highest-scoring sites are considered, or when sites are ranked by frequency or by random guess. c Classification accuracy increases with confidence score. Circles and bars indicate the accuracy and 95 % confidence interval for each bin of samples. Grey columns indicate the number of samples in each bin. d Accuracy vs. fraction of samples called. Accuracy (solid line) and 95 % confidence interval (grey region) of the corresponding fraction of tumors with highest confidence score. The fraction of tumors for which an accuracy of 95 % can be achieved is shown by a red circle with whiskers at the bottom

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