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Table 3 Top two networks along with their constituent genes and associated canonical scores as calculated by IPA.

From: Gene expression profiling of the human natural killer cell response to Fc receptor activation: unique enhancement in the presence of interleukin-12

ID Molecules in the Network IPA Score Top Functions
1 ADRB2, BCL11B, BHLHEA40, BTG3, CD38, COLQ, CSF2, DUSP5, EGR2, EGR3, Fcgr2, FCGR3A, FGR, HLA-DQ, HSPE1, IARS, IER3, Ifn gamma, IL21R, KDM68, lymphotoxin-alpha1-beta2, MTHFD2, MXI1, NINJ1, Nr1h, NR4A2, NR4A3, PDGF BB, Pka, PRSS23, PTGDR, RGS2 (includes EG:19735), SDC4, SLC7A1, TNF 37 Connective Tissue Disorders, Immunological Disease, Inflammatory Disease
2 AHR, BCL2A1, BCR (complex), CCL1, CD226, CD244, CFLAR, CXCL9, CXCL11, Fcer1, FCGR3B, GTPBP4, Igm, IL10RA, IL15RA, Immunoglobulin, ITGAL, KLF2, Lfa-1, NFkB (complex), NLRP1, NOP14, PI3K (family), PLCG2 (includes EG:234779), PYCARD, RRAS2, TFRC, TICAM1, TNFAIP8, TNFRSF4, TNFRSF9, TNFSF11, TRAF1, TSC22D3, ZAP70 37 Cellular Development, Cellular Growth and Proliferation, Hematological System Development and Function
  1. The gene names in bold text indicate those genes that were included in the original microarray data set for NK cells stimulated via IgG and IL-12. The assertion “top two” indicates that the maximal number of genes from the integrated network belonged to these two pathways according to the IPA analysis tool