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Table 1 Overview of database annotations

From: The HAND Database: a gateway to understanding the role of HIV in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

Category Annotation Example Explanation
Patient Patient: Code SUBJECT_4 The originating publication ID for this patient was “SUBJECT_4”
Patient Patient: HAND Status HIVE + ADC This patient had two forms of HAND: HIVE and ADC
Patient Patient: Sex M This patient was male
Patient Patient: Risk Factor IV Drug User This patient may have contracted the HIV virus through IV drug use
Patient Patient: Viral Load At Sampling Unknown Viral Load Information on this patient’s viral load at time of sampling could not be found
Patient Patient: CD4 Count At Sampling 5 cells/ul This patient had a CD4 count of 5 cells/ul at time of sampling
Patient Patient: HIV Therapy Status AZT This patient had received AZT therapy prior to sampling
Patient Patient: HIV Therapy Months 20 This patient had received HIV therapy for 20 months prior to sampling
Patient Patient: Age At Sampling 29 This patient was 29 years of age at time of sampling
Patient Patient: Health At Sampling AIDS This patient had AIDS at time of sampling
Sampling Sampling: Year 1993 This sample was obtained in the year 1993
Sampling Sampling: Country (City) Japan (unknown) This sample was obtained in an unknown city in the country of Japan
Sampling Sampling: Tissue Spleen This sample was obtained from spleen tissue
Sequence Sequence: Polyprotein (Protein) Tat (gp160) This sequence segment covers the Tat and Gp160 HIV regions
Sequence Sequence: Genotyping Information1 B (B)* This sequence was listed by the originating data source as a B subtype sequence. jpHMM genotyping confirmed subtype as B. Recombination testing detected recombination events in this sequence (indicated by the asterisk).
Sequence Sequence: Accession Number U82096 The sequence accession number for this sequence is U82096
Sequence Sequence: PMID 9718130 The sequence PMID for this sequence is 9718130
Sequence Sequence: Length in Nucleotides 150 The sequence length for this sequence segment is 150 nucleotides
Sequence HIV Sequence cccaaat… The nucleotide sequence for this sequence is “cccaaat…”
  1. 1The sequence genotyping annotation provides genotyping and recombination information in the following format: Subtype as reported in the original source material (Subtype as reported by jpHMM genotyping) and recombination information. Additional symbols used in this annotation include: “#” = not tested due to insufficient length of sequence, “*” = p < 0.05 for recombination test, “(No)” = p > 0.05 for recombination test