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Table 1 Summary of patient subgroups in the Utah and Ontario populations

From: Gene-expression patterns in peripheral blood classify familial breast cancer susceptibility

Category Utah Ontario
Family history, BRCA1/2, Cancer 16 11
Family history, BRCAX, Cancer 23 17
Family history, BRCA1/2, No Cancer 18 14
Family history, BRCAX, No Cancer 26 18
No family history, Cancer 22 8
No family history, No Cancer 19 5
Total 124 73
  1. Patients fell into one of six groups, depending on whether 1) they had a family history of breast cancer, 2) had been diagnosed with breast cancer previously, or 3) were known to carry a pathogenic variant in BRCA1 or BRCA2. The number of patients in each group is listed for each cohort