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Table 2 Summary of ages at which blood samples were acquired

From: Gene-expression patterns in peripheral blood classify familial breast cancer susceptibility

Description Minimum Median Maximum
Family history, BRCA1/2, Cancer 45 59.0 77
Family history, BRCAX, Cancer 56 58.5 78
Family history, BRCA1/2, No Cancer 46 60.0 78
Family history, BRCAX, No Cancer 55 63.0 83
No family history, Cancer 53 65.5 79
No family history, No Cancer 51 58.0 86
  1. For participants within each group, this table indicates the minimum, average, and maximum age at which blood samples were drawn. These data represent 117 participants from the Utah cohort. The remaining 8 Utah participants were at least 55 years old; however, it was not feasible to collect their exact ages in retrospect. The median age at which blood samples were acquired was consistent across the groups (p = 0.064)