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Table 1 Microarray expression results of selected lncRNAs. “S” represents H.pylori-infected GES-1 groups, and “C” represents control groups. P-value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant

From: Microarray analysis of Long non-coding RNA expression profiles in human gastric cells and tissues with Helicobacter pylori Infection

lncRNA Accession Number Gene Symbol Variation trend Fold change (S/C) P-value lncRNA Source Probe ID
n345630   down 0.099 <1e-07 NONCODE TC04001940.hg.1
TCONS_00010304-XLOC_004787   down 0.14 < 1e-07 Rinn lincRNAs TC05002959.hg.1
n378726   down 0.15 < 1e-07 NONCODE TC06003993.hg.1
NR_026860 LINC00473 down 0.16 < 1e-07 RefSeq TC06002302.hg.1
n345729   down 0.18 < 1e-07 NONCODE TC05002683.hg.1
n342056   down 0.41 1.06E-05 NONCODE TC12002644.hg.1
n384667   down 0.42 1.80E-06 NONCODE TC05003053.hg.1
TCONS_00011401-XLOC_005517   up 1.63 4.24E-05 Rinn lincRNAs TC06003154.hg.1
NR_038366 HOTAIRM1 up 1.65 1.66E-05 RefSeq TC07000165.hg.1
NR_024204 LINC00152 up 2.11 1.00E-07 RefSeq TC02000535.hg.1
NR_015379 UCA1 up 2.15 1.70E-06 RefSeq TC19000279.hg.1
TCONS_00027385-XLOC_013370   up 2.22 1.85E-04 Rinn lincRNAs TC19002530.hg.1
n408024   up 4.84 < 1e-07 NONCODE TC0X001624.hg.1