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Table 1 Gene-gene significant interactions in sMTC obtained by MDR

From: Identification of epistatic interactions through genome-wide association studies in sporadic medullary and juvenile papillary thyroid carcinomas

SNP 1 SNP 2 Gene 1 Gene 2 Gene name 1 Gene name 2 CVV
rs7787988 rs4758915 ENSG00000187416 ENSG00000072609 LHFPL3 CHFR 0.709
rs4758915 rs10402530 ENSG00000072609 ENSG00000225868 CHFR AC016582.2 0.706
rs7835921 rs1287079 ENSG00000156172 ENSG00000202380 C8orf37 RNU1-55P 0.548
  1. Selection based on the significant cross-validation value (CVV)