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Table 9 Results of the Wilcoxon signed rank test conducted to compare the ranking provided by the four approaches under study

From: Efficient and biologically relevant consensus strategy for Parkinson’s disease gene prioritization

319 PD Genes in GAD (100 %)
  Limma ML ML-Limma Consensus
 Limma (−−−) 2.62E-09 2.85E-01 2.79E-62
 ML 2.62E-09 (−−−) 1.16E-01 4.36E-47
 ML-Limma 2.85E-01 1.16E-01 (−−−) 4.27E-64
 Consensus 2.79E-62 4.36E-47 4.27E-64 (−−−)
64 Top Ranked PD Genes in GAD (Top 20 %)
  Limma ML ML-Limma Consensus
 Limma (−−−) 1.84E-05 6.09E-01 6.81E-09
 ML 1.84E-05 (−−−) 1.21E-07 1.69E-06
 ML-Limma 6.09E-01 1.21E-07 (−−−) 1.24E-12
 Consensus 6.81E-09 1.69E-06 1.24E-12 (−−−)
32 Top Ranked PD Genes in GAD (Top 10 %)
  Limma ML ML-Limma Consensus
 Limma (−−−) 7.19E-01 5.23E-04 1.19E-02
 ML 7.19E-01 (−−−) 7.25E-02 3.11E-02
 ML-Limma 5.23E-04 7.25E-02 (−−−) 1.38E-05
 Consensus 1.19E-02 3.11E-02 1.38E-05 (−−−)
16 Top Ranked PD Genes in GAD (Top 5 %)
  Limma ML ML-Limma Consensus
 Limma (−−−) 6.06E-01 4.23E-01 3.02E-01
 ML 6.06E-01 (−−−) 3.02E-01 1.95E-03
 ML-Limma 4.23E-01 3.02E-01 (−−−) 4.33E-02
 Consensus 3.02E-01 1.95E-03 4.33E-02 (−−−)