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Table 3 CpG site associations to age, BMI, DBP and glucose

From: Longitudinal genome-wide methylation study of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients reveals novel CpG sites associated with essential hypertension

Discovery cohorta (n = 11)
   Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients
Gene Illumina ID p (Age) p (BMI) p (DBP) p (Glucose)
MCCC1 cg00161968 ns ns ns ns
SKOR2 cg00875989 ns ns ns ns
VGLL3 cg06251539 ns ns ns ns
WSB1 cg08706258 ns ns ns ns
EHMT2 cg09134341 ns ns ns ns
TCF12 cg10146710 ns ns ns 2.81E–02
MAP2K4 cg10596925 ns ns ns ns
FAM54A cg10640093 ns ns ns ns
SORBS1 cg12360759 ns ns ns ns
DDX55 cg15612682 ns ns ns ns
ATXN1L cg16076930 ns ns ns ns
EFEMP1 cg16118212 ns ns ns ns
CRKL cg16500810 ns ns ns 2.08E–02
STEAP3 cg18643762 ns ns ns ns
CPEB4 cg20841073 ns ns ns ns
RHOBTB2 cg21344124 ns ns ns ns
ATXN1 cg21996137 ns ns ns ns
TSSK1B cg22011370 ns ns ns 4.04E–02
SPPL2A cg22295383 ns ns ns ns
BHLHA9 cg23945265 ns ns ns 4.78E–02
CHCHD5 cg25521086 ns ns ns ns
NRTN cg25544164 ns ns ns ns
  1. Abbreviations: DB diastolic blood pressure, ns, not significant, RYGB, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, SBP systolic blood pressure
  2. aCohort comprises patients who underwent RYGB surgery. P-values were derived by analyses of Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients using algorithm AS 89 and an Edgeworth series approximation. For the variables DBP, BMI and fasting plasma glucose, percent change in methylation states were correlated with percent change in these variables, measured before and six months after RYGB surgery. For the variable age, percent change in methylation states measured before and six months after RYGB surgery was correlated with age.