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Table 1 Notations

From: Inferring Crohn’s disease association from exome sequences by integrating biological knowledge

Notation Definition
n Number of amino acid substitutions
m Number of exomes
l Number of genes
l D Number of known Crohn’s disease genes
V Exome matrix (n×m)
P Pathogenicity of amino acid substitutions (n×l)
W Disease-gene association matrix (l×2)
H Disease-exome association matrix (2×m)
M Gene-gene interaction network (l×l)
P 0 Pathogenicity prediction by PolyPhen-2 (n×l)
W 0 Annotated Crohn’s disease-gene association matrix (l×2)
v Indicator vector for known Crohn’s disease genes (l)
r Crohn’s disease association vector derived from W (l)