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Table 2 Number of reads and ratios of mapped reads in the process of RNA-seq analysis

From: Integrated analysis of omics data using microRNA-target mRNA network and PPI network reveals regulation of Gnai1 function in the spinal cord of Ews/Ewsr1 KO mice

Samples Number of reads in raw data Number of reads after trimming Ratios of mapped read
Wild type 3-week-old sample 37,804,437 37,138,795 81.72 %
Ews Knockout 3-week-old sample 40,139,625 39,501,475 81.50 %
  1. The numbers of reads in RNA-seq raw data of wild type and Ews Knockout 3-week-old mice spinal cord samples were 37,804,437 and 40,139,625. The number of trimmed reads after adaptor sequence trimming process for each samples were 37,138,795 and 39,501,475. The ratios of mapped reads for each samples were 81.72 and 81.5 %