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Fig. 4

From: Exome sequencing in mostly consanguineous Arab families with neurologic disease provides a high potential molecular diagnosis rate

Fig. 4

Comparison of the two families carrying GRM7 variants. a Homozygous variant in GRM7 (NM_000844.3:c.461 T > C:p.Ile154Thr) identified in family 014 with two affected children. b Compound heterozygous variants in GRM7 (NM_000844.3:c.1972C > T:p.Arg658Trp and NM_000844.3:c.2024C > A:p.Thr675Lys) segregates in the family with two affected children identified in the BMGL database. c MRI images of BAB6708 and BAB6709. d MRI images of BAB8506 and her brother. e Clinical features comparison among four patients

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