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Table 1 Sequencing statistics of the samples sequenced with Immunoseq

From: Immunoseq: the identification of functionally relevant variants through targeted capture and sequencing of active regulatory regions in human immune cells

  Mean target coverage Bases on target (%)a Target region without coverage (%)b Target bases with > =10x coverage (%)c Level of multiplexing Sequencing platform
Sweden Uppsala Bioresource samples (n = 30) 52X 88 1.9 83 2X (3 samples) HiSeq2500 (2X samples)
5X (27 samples) HiSeq2000 (5X samples)
  1. Alignment to the human hg19 reference genome, and variant calling (HaplotypeCaller) to identify all SNPs were performed. Shows average values across samples
  2. aOn and near bait bases/good quality bases aligned (according to Picards metrics). bThe percentage of target region that did not reach 2x coverage over any base.cThe percentage of all target bases achieving 10X or higher coverage. We considered a variant to be true at > =10 depth