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Table 2 Coverage of Charchar et al. [24] in online sources of medical news

From: Health and genetic ancestry testing: time to bridge the gap

Site Author Date Headline URL Quoted
NHS Choices   09/02/12 One in five men ‘carries heart risk gene’ BBC News
Medical News Today Jospeh Nordqvist 09/02/12 Male Gene Linked To Coronary Artery Disease Risk The Lancet paper; Dr Virginia M. Miller (Mayo Clinic)
WebMD Brenda Goodman 08/02/12 Some Men May Inherit a Higher Risk of Heart Disease From Dad Lisa Bloomer (University of Leicester); Dr Virginia M. Miller (Mayo Clinic)
Medscape Lisa Nainggolan 10/02/12 Like Father, Like Son: Y-Chromosome Variant May Explain CAD Lisa Bloomer (University of Leicester); Dr Virginia M. Miller (Mayo Clinic); Dr Sekar Kathiresan (Massachusetts General Hospital)
News Medical AnayaMandal 12/02/12 Y chromosome may be the link that passes heart disease risk from father to son 212/Y-chromosome-may-be-the-link-that-passes-heart-disease-risk-from-father-to-son.aspx The Lancet paper; Dr Sekar Kathiresan (Massachusetts General Hospital); Dr Virginia M. Miller (Mayo Clinic)
The Naked Scientist Kat Arney 12/02/12 Y Chromosome yields heart disease clues  
MyDr   09/02/12 Heart disease risk passed from father to son   Dr Virginia M. Miller (Mayo Clinic)
Cure Talk Priya Menon undated Coronary Artery Disease Linked To Y Chromosome: Study By Fadi J. Charchar  
Men’s Health   09/02/12 Y chromosome may increase risk of coronary artery disease   02/12 The Y male sex chromosome and risk of heart disease