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Table 3 Coverage linking haplogroups and health online in blogs and forums

From: Health and genetic ancestry testing: time to bridge the gap

Site Author Date Headline Type URL Includes Charchar et al. (2012) [24]
23andMe Dave Hinds 04/04/12 Second Opinion: Haplogroup I Likely Not Linked to Heart Disease blog Yes
Improving Population Health David A. Kindig 07/10/12 Are Male Genetic Health Differences Disparities or Inequities blog Yes
Dienekes Anthropology Blog   09/02/12 Y-chromosomes and coronary artery disease in Britain blog Yes
Fight Aging   05/11/13 Those Lucky Haplogroup H Bearers blog No
Mathilda’s Anthropolgy Blog   03/11/08 Mitochondrial DNA and survival after sepsis blog No
Eupedia   28/01/09 – 23/09/13 Medical conditions associated with Y-chromosome haplogroups forum Yes
familytreeDNA   09/02/12 – 10/02/12 Do not read if you are a hypochondriac… forum = 30303&highlight = haplogroup + health + risk Yes
Rootschat   22/05/13 – 01/06/13 Utter Confusion: please help me choose DNA test forum Yes (via ref to Hinds blog)
Eupedia   26/07/07 – 26/04/14 Medical conditions and risk factors associated with mtDNA haplogroups forum No
Zetaboards   12/01/13 – 12/01/13 Examples of diseases associated with a haplogroup forum No
WorldFamilies   14/06/11 – 20/03/12 At last some FGS-s for R0a2 from Tuscany and The Marche forum No