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Table 2 Top hypo- and hypermethylated sites between ME/CFS and healthy controls

From: Epigenetic modifications and glucocorticoid sensitivity in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Probe ID Targeted gene symbol Mean Beta-value (ME/CFS) Mean Beta-value (control) Beta-difference p-value Adjusted p-value (FDR) Genic region Relation to CpG Island
cg26341831 TMEM63A 0.352 0.504 -0.152 9.04e-4 1.05e-2 Body Open Sea
cg00446123 LIME1 0.340 0.478 -0.138 1.17e-3 1.18e-2 TSS200 N Shore
cg27058497 RUNX3 0.314 0.450 -0.136 7.60e-4 9.88e-3 TSS200 Open Sea
cg08817540 HHLA2 0.390 0.524 -0.134 5.34e-4 8.92e-3 TSS1500 Open Sea
cg17587997 FYN 0.529 0.663 -0.134 8.66e-4 1.04e-2 5'UTR Open Sea
cg00660167 N/A 0.754 0.581 0.174 5.58e-4 9.03e-3 N/A N Shore
cg23189692 EIF4G1 0.652 0.486 0.166 5.10e-4 8.81e-3 Gene Body N Shelf
cg17344770 C19orf71 0.674 0.511 0.163 2.00e-4 8.16e-3 TSS1500 Open Sea
cg07302959 FAM133B 0.664 0.503 0.161 9.04e-4 1.06e-2 Gene Body Open Sea
cg06633438 MLLT1 0.626 0.466 0.160 1.65e-4 8.16e-3 Gene Body Island
  1. Top 5 hypo- and hypermethylated sites according to mean methylation difference between ME/CFS and controls