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Fig. 2

From: Gene and protein analysis reveals that p53 pathway is functionally inactivated in cytogenetically normal Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Fig. 2

Cell cycle in CN-AML and APL. a, b DEGs that are typically repressed by p53 and are associated with the cell cycle in CN-AML (a) and APL (b). Canonical cyclins in each phase of the cell cycle are in bold black. DEGs implicated in the different phases of the cell cycle are placed near the appropriate phase. Upregulated DEGs are in red and downregulated DEGs are in green. Most of the DEGs arrest proliferation, while only CCND2, CDK6 and NAP1L1 genes support proliferation. Most of the genes originate from 2 gene expression signatures [71, 72], Additional 13 genes are marked withˣ. CCNE1 (a) is the only DEG not repressed by p53. c Percent of KI-67 positive cells. Immunohistochemistry was performed on bone marrow samples of 25 CN-AML and 23 APL patients at diagnosis and 35 nBM samples. The boundaries of the blue box indicate the 25th percentile (bottom boundary) and the 75th percentile (top boundary) of KI-67 level, median is displayed by the thick line in the box, mean by rhombus sign

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