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Fig. 3

From: Gene and protein analysis reveals that p53 pathway is functionally inactivated in cytogenetically normal Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Fig. 3

DEGs associated with apoptosis. a Apoptosis-related DEGs in CN-AML and APL among canonical p53-dependent pro-apoptotic genes [75]. We extended some gene families (e.g. PIGs) and the resultant gene collection includes 24 genes. The table summarizes the numbers of genes that were found to be upregulated DEGs, downregulated DEGs or not identified as DEGs in our study. b Puma protein levels by IHC in nBM, and in CN-AML and APL patients’ BM. Symbols of box plots are as in Fig. 2; outlying value is marked by red circle; tails of the distribution depicted only in one direction indicate that the values are skewed towards that side of the average

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