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Fig. 2

From: N-of-1-pathways MixEnrich: advancing precision medicine via single-subject analysis in discovering dynamic changes of transcriptomes

Fig. 2

Illustrative ROC curves and comparison of the overall performance of three single-subject methods. MixEnrich is compared to MD and Wilcoxon in overall performance across all simulated pathway dysregulation scenarios via area under ROC curves (AUCs). Panel a shows an example of ROC curves for the three methods derived from the following setting: 20% of mRNAs in the background were dysregulated at fold change of 2; 20% of mRNAs in the target pathways (size of 65 genes) were dysregulated at fold change of 1.3 with half of them up-regulated. Each boxplot, in Panel b, visualizes all resultant AUCs of the corresponding method across all simulation settings (outliers are not illustrated)

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