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Table 5 Association of candidate SNPs with poAF in a large independent cohort of surgical patients

From: Post-operative atrial fibrillation examined using whole-genome RNA sequencing in human left atrial tissue

SNP Associated Gene OR 95% CI p-value
rs10759721 DFNB31 0.81 0.69-0.95 0.0100
rs10817638 DFNB31 0.84 0.71-0.99 0.0415
rs60632610 MYOZ1 1.12 0.90-1.39 0.31
rs4802546 KCNA7 1.00 0.78-1.29 1.00
  1. 4 SNPs identified as having an association with poAF in the eQTL study were validated in an independent cohort of 1805 surgical patients. Shown is the odds ratio, 95% CI, and unadjusted p-value for the association, after adjustment for age, gender, bypass time and the performance of valve surgery