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Table 1 List of accessions. For the ENCODE RNA-seq libraries, the control and target depletion samples are listed under separate accessions

From: Quantitative analysis of cryptic splicing associated with TDP-43 depletion

Assay Accession Code Downloaded from Target Cell-Tissue Pubmed ID
RNA-seq PRJNA282887 TDP-43 Mouse ES 26250685
RNA-seq PRJNA282692 TDP-43 Human Hela 26250685
RNA seq PRJNA127211 TDP-43 Mouse ES 20660762
RNA-seq PRJNA141971 TDP-43 Mouse adult brain 21358643
RNA-seq ENCSR129RWD control K562 mRNA NA
RNA-seq ENCSR372DZW control K562 total RNA NA
RNA seq ENCSR455TNF TDP-43 K562 total RNA NA
RNA-seq PRJNA174534 FUS Mouse adult brain 23023293
RNA-seq ENCSR084SCN control K562 mRNA NA
RNA-seq ENCSR32500M FUS K562 mRNA NA
RNA-seq PRJEB3048 hnRNP C HeLa 23374342
iCLIP 20100222_LUjt3 TDP-43 Mouse embryonic brain 1 22934129
iCLIP 20091102_LUjt5 TDP-43 Mouse embryonic brain 2 22934129
iCLIP 20100222_LUjt3 TDP-43 Human neural stem cells 21358640
iCLIP 20101125_LUjt8 TDP-43 Human SH-SY5Y 1 21358640
iCLIP 20091102_LUjt5 TDP-43 Human SH-SY5Y 2 21358640
eCLIP Multiple Multiple HepG2/K562 NA