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Table 1 List of parameters

From: Efficient and secure outsourcing of genomic data storage

Parameters Description
DATA_HASH_SIZE Length in bits of a variant’s hash to be stored.
BITS FOR MAPPING = x Number of bits extracted from the hash that maps to a specific index.
NUM_ENTRIES Number of entries in the encoded VCF (=2x).
ROW_SIZE Number of elements per row of d a t a_h a s h_s i z e bits. Indirectly defines the number of dummy elements (padding) to be added.
ENCRYPTION MODE Cryptographic parameters for the FV scheme: FV:A:B:C:D. FV is to be used with A security bits, polynomials of degree B, polynomial coefficients of C bits and capable of absorbing a maximum of D bits per coefficient.
AGGREGATION Number of aggregated rows. Ensures that multiple rows are concatenated resulting in a database with a lesser amount of rows (NUM_ENTRIES/AGGREGATION), which are in turn longer (ROW_SIZE × AGGREGATION).
DIMENSIONALITY Level of recursion.